Working, researching and healing without disturbing impact sound

Working, researching and healing without disturbing impact sound

The construction of the Children's Hospital of the University Hospital in the Warsaw district of Zwirki i Wigury took a total of three years. In addition to accommodation for patients and relatives with 527 beds, the hospital also has additional teaching and research rooms for scientific work.

The modern building complex consists of three wings, each with eight storeys, and the three parts of the building are connected to each other underground. A multi-storey car park, a restaurant and the rehabilitation centre are located in the underground area. The roof of the building complex is equipped with a helipad.

The sources of structure-borne sound in hospitals are manifold. Walking in the corridors and the rolling of beds and equipment are just two examples. Soundproofing measures are therefore absolutely necessary to protect patients, their relatives and visitors, as well as staff, from stressful noise.

In the case of the Warsaw Children's Hospital, the decision was made to use REGUPOL sound 47. This measure decouples the floor surfaces and effectively counteracts the spread of disturbing impact noise into the rest of the building complex.